There are always two possible answers. The first corresponds to the well-known “update or die”. This is not our case. We believe that motivation is not negative, at least not for us; it is the reason for changing. Therefore, we answer to the question “why changing?” that it is our wish. We believe firmly that evolution is not only a surviving resource, but a tool of improvement. This philosophy of evolution with the aim of improving was the main motivation during our first 28 years of activity. During this period, we introduced ourselves with an image that was already different and original back then, it was transformed 11 years later and we became well-known and renowned thanks to it. Then, why do we want to change and use resources to develop and introduce a new way to identify ourselves? The answer is found in the dynamics of the evolving process: the process itself is gradual, but it can normally be divided in stages. With our new corporate image ready, we just want to prove our continuous evolution, renewal philosophy and willingness to improve what it is good to make it even better.

The main element that represents the change is our new brand. With it, we aimed to show not only our graphic capacity of creating a symbol, but also the possibility to establish a close bond between a human and a professional –in this case, between owner and designer–; in an intense and lasting way, the same kind of bond we have with customers; and prove as well how this relation can result in a new image and a different conception of the object.

It is for this relation that we could focus on the creation of the brand in another way: instead of describing the technical proceedings of creating the symbol (semantics, vision, reproduction, etc.), the symbol that identifies us has been created by giving priority to the artistic and plastic values of the graphic design. However, we have been very careful not to get confused between a brand and a picture: the final symbol, apart from its plastic values, it meets the necessary requirements to be used as brand.