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PLV integral development. We start from our own idea or a customer's design and follow the process with the aim of introducing the most appropriate display in the point of sale that suits our customer products and preferences best. This includes the following possibilities: design of the original; computer virtual model; physical scale model made of cardboard, polypropylene, etc.; die drawing and production and print colour tests, among others, as well as the print, die, production and distribution processes.

We carry out a development based on a wide variety of ideas thought to cover your needs. Thanks to the creation of virtual images, we can figure out how the final product will be and thus show our project to the customer. Once the customer has validated it, we begin with a physical scale model for which we use the final materials, printed or not; therefore, we can do resistance tests, refine details, etc.

Once we have finished with the process successfully, we begin with the production, we make dies and adapt the final communication. We offer the possibility to deliver the product already assembled, half-assembled or not assembled with easy and fast understanding instructions. There are plenty of materials according to the needs of the product: micro flute cardboard, folding, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC, Glasspack, etc.
Standee PLV

Large format floor displays, thought for three-dimensional displays. They can include bases, platforms or fictional materials.